Using Actinica® Lotion

When to apply Actinica® Lotion

For the best protection, apply Actinica® Lotion every morning to areas of the skin that will be exposed to UV light and that aren’t covered by clothing.

Actinica® Lotion should be used every day of the year as part of your daily routine. A clinical study has shown that Actinica®  Lotion helps prevent actinic keratosis and squamous cell carcinoma when applied every day. Actinica® Lotion should be applied before initial exposure to UV light and before using cosmetic products. If you intend to use cosmetics, please allow Actinica® Lotion to penetrate the skin for a while before applying other products.

Although Actinica® Lotion provides very high protection for many hours, skin that is highly sensitive and/or previously damaged by UV light should not be overexposed to sunlight at any time. Correctly applied Actinica® Lotion will help to prevent UV-induced skin cancer but should not be used to extend the amount of time you spend outside.

How and where to apply Actinica® Lotion

Be sure to apply the right dose of Actinica® Lotion according to the dosing schedule in order to achieve a very high level of skin protection. For extra convenience and safety, Actinica® Lotion is available in a dispenser which indicates the number of pumps needed for each body region. Each pump delivers a consistent quantity of Actinica® Lotion so you can be sure you always get it right. This ensures that you have the best protection for your skin.

The right application of Actinica® Lotion means applying about 2 mg of lotion per cm² of skin – or see the illustration for guidance.


Are there any restrictions regarding the use of Actinica® Lotion?

As with any form of topically applied agent or medical device, an adverse reaction to one of the ingredients of Actinica® Lotion can occur. If irritation or skin rash or a reaction similar to sunburn occurs, this may indicate an undesirable side effect and you should stop using the product. Take care to avoid contact with your eyes as Actinica® Lotion may cause a burning sensation. If contact with your eyes occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.

Special considerations

Actinica® Lotion contains UVA filters which, if in contact with light-coloured textiles treated with optical brightening agents, can lead to colour changes in the textiles. To the eye, this may look like a yellow stain. For this reason it is recommended to allow the product to penetrate the skin before getting dressed, and also to cover upholstery that you may come into contact with while Actinica® Lotion penetrates the skin.

Figur 1 01
Face: At least 2 pumps
Figur 2 01
Hairless scalp: At least 1 pump
Figur 3 01
Neck: At least 1 pump
Figur 4 01
Décolleté: At least 1 pump
Figur 5
Each forearm: At least 2 pumps
Figur 6
Back of each hand: At least 1 pump