How does Actinica® Lotion work?

Actinica® Lotion prevents the development of certain forms of non-melanoma skin cancer. It absorbs, reflects and scatters UV radiation as it contains a combination of modern photostable UV filters.

How do I apply Actinica® Lotion?

Actinica® Lotion contains a useful measured dose dispenser, which helps you to apply the correct amount of Actinica® Lotion to your skin. About 2 mg of the lotion should be applied per cm² of skin.

When and how often do I apply Actinica® Lotion?

You should apply Actinica® Lotion every morning of every day of the year to areas of the skin that won’t be covered by clothing. This ensures you get the best protection from non-melanoma skin cancer.

Will Actinica® Lotion reduce my risk of skin cancer?

Yes, a clinical study has shown that Actinica® Lotion helps prevent the development of AK and SCC when applied every day. 

Are there any side effects of Actinica® Lotion?

An adverse reaction to an active ingredient of Actinica® Lotion can occur. If irritation, skin rash or a reaction similar to sunburn occurs, you should stop using the product.