Actinica® Lotion


A guide to help you understand how Actinica® Lotion protects your skin and helps prevent certain forms of skin cancer.

The website is designed to help you learn more about skin cancer, specifically about actinic keratosis (or “AK”, but also known as sun spots or solar keratosis) and other non-melanoma skin cancers (or “NMSC”), and what you can do to protect your skin. You will find information on how to recognise skin cancers and how to reduce your risk of developing certain forms of skin cancer.

Actinica® Lotion is a convenient and effective way to prevent the damage to your skin that can be caused by ultraviolet (UV) light, which can lead to skin cancer. This sites provides clinical study information showing how Actinica® Lotion helps prevent the development of different forms of NMSC.
When you start using Actinica® Lotion, it is important to understand how, when and where to use it properly. We will show you how to apply Actinica® Lotion to help you prevent UV-induced damage. To ensure you have the best protection for your skin, Actinica® Lotion is available in a unique measured dose dispenser so that you always apply the correct amount to different areas of the body.